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  • A one on one hands-on Class $300

This is an One on One Hands-On Class that will teach you how to cut and style a pixie the Lamace Way using a live model or mannequin! Product knowledge, hair tips, clipper knowledge, business tools and so much more!!! You will leave this class feeling more confident after learning technical and trending hair cutting techniques that will keep you competitive in this thriving business. Lunch Included. 

  • look and learn $100

This will be a live Demonstration of 2 different pixie cuts and style. Product knowledge, clipper cutting knowledge, styling tips, Q&A and even more! Light refreshments. Look and Learn Classes Dates TBA



Anitra Andrew

"I attended Mrs. Keisha's cutting Class and it was very informative. She was friendly and inviting. She made me feel comfortable when I asked questions. I would definitely take another one of her classes. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!"

-Crown of Glory Beauty Salon


Irene Crosby

"I met Keisha 3 years ago. I was amazed by her pixie cuts because she has mastered that cutting style. When she decided to offer a class I made sure that I registered to attend. Keisha is awesome at her craft and is willing to share all of her knowledge when you ask any question. This class was fun and Her team was great! I wish her much success in all of her endeavors. Thanks Keisha and keep up the good work!"

-The Hair Gallery of RVA


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